Wholesale and Distribution

Metra Petroleum Wholesale can supply your fueling stations and provides fuel delivery to different factories all over the lebanese territory.

 It ensures that the commercial and residential needs are shortly and accurately met. Our company owns a fleet of transport trucks ensuring reliable supply for customers all around Lebanon.


Metra Petroleum continues supplying the Port of beirut by providing the bunkering service. We supply all grades of marine fuels and lubricants to vessels, as well as oil tankers, container ships, dry bulk carriers and others.

We can guarantee to all our clients that they will receive a customized service that will meet their most technical needs.

Bottled Gas

Metra Petroleum offers bottled gas delivery, supplying residential, commercial.

With a goal of outstanding quality products and prompt service to our customers, our propane and natural gas services welcome the opportunity to be serving you and your family by providing prompt delivery propane services to homes and businesses.

We give personalized attention for all your needs...

Lubricants and oil change

In response to the market demand, the company expanded its field of activities by providing lubricants to different types of machinery and vehicules ranging from the highly specialized to the multi purpose lubricants.

We will be glad to welcome and serve you in our service stations, visit us.


As part of its service excellency, Metra petroleum continuously provides diesel delivery, even under the most challenging circumstances.

From heating your home, fuelling your generators to all your other needs, we provide high quality diesel fuel when you need it, in both domestic and commercial sectors.


Don’t get frustrated by tire problems, Metra petroleum sells and repairs tires for all makes and models of vehicles. We will take care of your wheel alignments.

Our tire experts will help you understand and take advantage of the vast array of tire options available for your specific vehicle type. you’ll be sure you’re getting the tire your vehicle needs from a brand you trust.

We have a variety of tires to fit your vehicule need,and we take great pride in providing the internationally well known American brand "COOPER".

Car wash

Treat your car with the care it deserves at our service stations car wash. Your car is thoroughly cleaned, we use a mixture of soft warm water and specially designed soaps to loosen the dirt and salt from your car's outer surfaces.

Finally, a high-powered rinse leaves your car sparkling clean.